Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here ESPN, I'll help you out

Are you ready for some football?! Well, I'm happy the season is starting. Here's the story: I'm watching ESPN - San Francisco Niners vs Denver Broncos - and I see a new QB enter the game. Who is Hill? Maybe ESPN will tell me. Maybe not. Apparently ESPN doesn't know either (this is not some trivia guess who). Oh well, it's preseason, I'll fill in the blanks for you this time.

Profile for ESPN:

#13 Shaun Hill QB
6'3" 235LBS 6TH SEASON
College: Maryland
CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 2006: (With San Francisco)
• Earned a position on the roster as the third quarterback with an impressive preseason. Entered training camp in a battle with Jesse Palmer for the roster spot.
• Served as the third quarterback for all 16 games.

source: http://www.sf49ers.com/

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