Friday, June 29, 2007

Transformers movie - Decide a date already, sheesh!

I've seen so many advertisements and tv spots for Transformers, can't they pick a single day to open the movie? Is it 7.2.7 / 7.3.7 / 7.4.7 or what? I thought Transformers opened 7.4.7 since that's what the wallpaper dled from the site stated. Now, upon going to the official site, it says 7.2.7. Browsing through the site gives multiple dates too. GM has a huge ad campaign with the movie and states 7.3.7 on their site! IMDB goes with 7.3.7...

Just open the movie now and get it over with.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Luke, I am your father

Sweet Star Wars Darth Vader hot air balloon. How'd you like to see that floating in the sky near you?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

VW Ad Gives You The Finger!

Volkswagon's Passat ad...

I was researching some car sites and saw this VW ad on the home page. The new Passat seems to be one of those 'push to start' cars and so you get to pick a finger to start the car. I chose the middle finger and voila, VW gave me the bird.

Unintentionally flips you off but it's funny! To see the ad in action, go to and look for the sponsored showcase.

Note: If you have an adblocker installed, it probably won't show.

billboard reality

Guess they shouldn't have parked there! Pretty sweet billboard and idea. Too bad for those cars. I wonder why the car on the right is clean you look and see the cars covered in paint?


Monday, June 18, 2007

roller coaster fun!


Thursday, June 14, 2007

pwned! great class picture


UMM... Blue Lobster?!

Would you eat it? It's blue from a genetic defect...


Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Answer is NOT always C

The day after taking a test, student Michael Benson receives an email from his professor:

Dear Michael,

Every year I attempt to boost my students' final grades by giving them
this relatively simple exam consisting of 100 True/False questions from only 3 chapters of material. For the past 20 years that I have taught Intro Communications 101 at this institution I have never once seen someone score below a 65 on this exam. Consequently, your score of a zero is the first in history and ultimately brought the entire class average down a whole 8 points.

There were two possible answer choices: A (True) and B (False). You chose C for all 100 questions in an obvious attempt to get lucky with a least a quarter of the answers. It's as if you didn't look at a single question. Unfortunately, this brings your final grade in this class to failing. See you next year!

May God have mercy on your soul.

Professor William Turner

P.S. If all else fails, go with B from now on.
B is the new C

//geez, did this kid even read the prompt?

source: (click for scantron picture)

WTF?! $80 Mario t-shirt ...

I was at Macy's in SF, saw this shirt, and had to take a pic. Even for a super Mario fanboy, for $80 bucks, no way. Ridiculous.

Pole Dancing Gone Wrong

Home Made Pole Dance Mishap - Watch more free videos

whoops! :D

Sad, but true.

I need to change my life. This rings a bit too true. You?


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

MTV Awards - Sarah Silverman pwns Paris Hilton

Awesome! Paris' reaction is classic.
Sarah Silverman Rips Apart Paris Hilton - Watch more free videos

Hot Dog Eating World Record - Joey Chestnut

This guy is amazing though 130lb Kobayashi is still the man.

Govt. Propaganda

Want to cross the street? ...gotta press yes.

source: / flickr

First Post!

I'll start off with something nice and simple...I was walking around and saw and out of order parking meter. Glancing at the message, I couldn't help but laugh and snap a picture with my phone.