Wednesday, July 4, 2007

129 MPH serve ... to the balls! OUCH!

Poor Marc Gicquel. As a guy, I felt bad for a second - but the pictures just made me laugh. I'm not sure how this actually hit him since he's a pro and 129MPH serves aren't out of the ordinary, so if you have a video, please send it to me!

Yahoo! Sports writes:

"Frenchman Marc Gicquel is dragged away by a doctor after he received a serve, travelling at 208 kilometres per hour, in the testicles during the fourth day of the Halle ATP tennis tournament, 14 June 2007 at the Gerry-Weber-Stadion in Halle, western Germany. Gicquel continued his second-round tie against German Benjamin Becker after treatment."

How did he get back up and win this match!?

Maybe because of some special treatment :)

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