Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Answer is NOT always C

The day after taking a test, student Michael Benson receives an email from his professor:

Dear Michael,

Every year I attempt to boost my students' final grades by giving them
this relatively simple exam consisting of 100 True/False questions from only 3 chapters of material. For the past 20 years that I have taught Intro Communications 101 at this institution I have never once seen someone score below a 65 on this exam. Consequently, your score of a zero is the first in history and ultimately brought the entire class average down a whole 8 points.

There were two possible answer choices: A (True) and B (False). You chose C for all 100 questions in an obvious attempt to get lucky with a least a quarter of the answers. It's as if you didn't look at a single question. Unfortunately, this brings your final grade in this class to failing. See you next year!

May God have mercy on your soul.

Professor William Turner

P.S. If all else fails, go with B from now on.
B is the new C

//geez, did this kid even read the prompt?

source: (click for scantron picture)


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